Innovative Coil Coating since 1973


We need to understand our customers markets as well as they do in order to provide solutions bringing value to the process and the final result. Dealing with Metalcolour needs to be straight forward and uncomplicated based on an open and honest dialogue. All communication should be timely and simple. In an ever faster changing market we need to be flexible and focused on delivering quality suitable for the intended use at a competitive and reasonable cost. Only by constantly improving our products, processes and approach will Metalcolour be able to deliver solutions over time which will support our customers profitable growth ambitions.


The economies of scale in our production lines, combined with our solutions for logistics and planning are the main factors to bring down cost per unit. Metalcolour has 40 years of experience in coating of sheet metal and can offer valuable input in designing new solutions and processes for your company. Our large scale production facilities enable possibilities of industrialization of otherwise costly and more manual labor intensive stages of production, leading to significant reductions in overall costs.


• Consistent quality

• Industrialisation

• Cost cutting

Allowing for new technologies Our production units are geared for small and large batches giving high flexibility and fast reaction times for changes and rush orders.


At Metalcolour we realize that we are part of a value chain where everything we do affects the value created in all steps of this chain. So by adopting a Partnership and Integrated Supplier approach, Metalcolour is committed to delivering solutions, products and services generating value to our customers. Reducing production cost or deliver material with features that is valued by the end customer is highest priority. In order to support your daily business we stock the largest number of laminates and coatings in the market place giving us very short delivery times. Our production units are geared for small and large batches giving high flexibility and fast reaction times for changes and rush orders. In short – Our mission is to help you succeed.


Metalcolour has a long history of Innovative Coil Coating, innovation is part of our core values and the driving force in delivering valuable solutions to our customers. Living in an ever faster changing world Metalcolours ambition is to be on the forefront with value based customization and innovation.

DOBEL®. Metalcolour was among the first to introduce fire classified laminated material for use in the marine environment.

Protective Foil. Metalcolour introduced the heat applied protective foil to the market, as a superior alternative to sticky foils.

Gloss Control. Metalcolour was first and is by far the manufacturer of coated metal that can off er the closest tolerances in gloss control.

Fire Classified Coating. Metalcolour has for decades offered fire certified polyester coated steel for marine ceilings and other interiør.

Technical Coating. Metalcolour  has introduced a number of innovations within its highly specialized coil coating process.