The best Guarantee
the Market can offer

If you are looking for a trusted supplier of pre-painted sheet steel or foil-laminated sheet steel, Metalcolour has much to offer. We can guarantee exceptional customer service, industry-leading delivery times and consistently tight tolerances. We do it to make your business prosper. We do it to show you our commitment to offering the lowest in-place cost possible. Think of what it would mean to your business if you could stop worrying about your supplier’s performance. Now, wouldn’t that make you sleep better at night?


Your success is our driving force. That’s why you, as a Metalcolour DOBEL® products customer, are entitled to the best service and quality guarantee the market can offer.

Quick help. You will receive answers to your inquiries and claims within two working days. When required, a service technician will be on site to support you within one week.

Delivery on time. Your materials will be delivered ex works according to the order confirmation. Should we cause a delay of more than a week, you will receive a 5% rebate on the delayed goods. The normal delivery time for standard products is two to three weeks, ex works.

High-quality products. We always use hot-dipped, high-quality galvanised steel. All materials are delivered with an anti-corrosion backside coating. Printed foils are fitted with a protective wear layer. All products are delivered with a glue-free protective film. All our certified products are classified according to the latest relevant regulations.

Close tolerances. The minimum order volume for sheet metal and coils are 10 m2 and 250 m2, respectively. The ordered quantity is always delivered, and our excess tolerances are the smallest on the market. For the DOBEL® PVC coated product range the gloss tolerance for foil-laminated steel with a thickness of 0.50–0.80 mm is ±7°, measured vertically using a 75° angle gloss-meter*. The colour difference on plain colour films is ≤dE 1.0.

* Due to the embossing of the surface of a few of our foils, the gloss level is not measurable. Therefore the gloss tolerance part of the guarantee is excluded for these foils. Please contact our customer support for updated info.

Get complete Quality & Service Guarantee (pdf) here: English, German, Polish and Russian