New Service and Quality Guarantee

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New Service and Quality Guarantee

Are you looking for a supplier, or a partner? We are proud to introduce Metalcolour’s new Service and Quality Guarantee for fire-classified Dobel products!

As a buyer of painted and laminated sheet steel for marine applications, you are faced with a lot of offers and promises. Too often those promises prove to be worth no more than the paper they are written on. Too many construction companies have had to face delayed deliveries, fragile surfaces that lead to scrap and rework, and a lack of technical service.

At Metalcolour, we have always made an effort to keep our promises. Our long-term customers have realised the advantages of having a supplier that delivers products, advice and technical service as agreed.

First-class service has always been a natural part of our offer. We take it for granted, and maybe that’s why we have not emphasised it in the past.

Companies who still haven’t tried Metalcolour’s fire classified Dobel products should be made aware of the benefits of having a supplier they can really trust.