New path to train interiors will save costs, weight and time

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New path to train interiors will save costs, weight and time

What if there was a material suitable for train interiors, meeting all criterias of necessary approvals, considerably lighter than materials used today, much cheaper but still with maintained safety and durability properties?
Well… Metalcolour has good news for you, there is.

For quite some time MDF, HPL and plastic moulded panels have been standard choices for many applications like partition walls and bag compartments etcetera, when designing and manufacturing train interiors. With prelaminated sheet aluminum from DOBEL®, you’ll get a just as strong and durable material that is much lighter and to a considerably lower cost.
DOBEL® Film Laminated Aluminum is approved according to EN 45545 HL3 (R1) and extraordinary suitable as top layer for honeycomb panels. You will get a very flexible material that can be shaped in almost any way. In the manufacturing process of honeycomb panels, using prelaminated aluminum will result in fewer production steps and also, in most cases, lower energy consumption.
Film Laminated Aluminum is also better in a recycling perspective compared to MDF, HPL and plastic moulded panels. Worn out honeycomb panels with vinyl film on top are melted down and the aluminum reused.

Building train interiors the “cruise ship way”
In the early 70s, Metalcolour played an active role in setting a new standard for material choice and the manufacturing of Cruise Ship Interiors. By introducing DOBEL® Film Laminated Metal in 1974, Metalcolour initiated the transition from using piece coated traditional materials to using Metalcolour Prepainted Metal and Film Laminated Metal, which resulted in a bit of a revolution for the industry. With the transition came a number of benifits including safety and durability properties.

A change ready to apply
Metalcolour now sees a massive improvement potential for the railway industry as well, if it should undergo a similar transition. Aluminum honeycomb panels are already used in train interiors due to their light weight and durability. Still, they are often produced with plain aluminum sheets and then, a decorative layer made of HPL or similar materials are glued on top of the panel. If we instead use pre-laminated aluminum sheets, it would without any doubts considerably reduce both production time and costs by eliminating steps in the production process of panels. All DOBEL® Film Laminated Aluminum products can also be delivered with a transparent protection film to minimize the risk of costly damages during installation.

Maintained shapeability
In general, flat sections like wall panels and ceilings might be the most common suitable applications for Film Laminated Aluminum. It is also perfect for bending, profiling, deep-drawing, perforating etc, which broadens the possibilities of application. Theese properties also makes Film Laminated Aluminum an excellent choice for back of seats, doors, partition walls, technical compartments, toilet cabins, bistro desks and bag compartments.

Well-proven durability
Film Laminated Aluminum is also well known for its strength and resistance to wear. First of all, there is the metal core not easily stressed and on top of that the laminate made of extremely durable material.

Highest standards in safety
What about safety properties? Safety is of course one of our highest priorities and the ability to withstand physical impact and to reduce spreading of fire, is crucial. All materials and products must fulfill demands stated by certificates and approvals as a guarantee for safety in general. As an example, DOBEL® F105 series in Aluminum by Metalcolour are tested and certified according to the highest standards in safety.

Improved colour matching
The manufacturing of the laminates used is carefully monitored. This minimizes the risk of disturbing deviations in colour, embossing or pattern, ensuring the product to be more stable than many other materials.
With the strict control of both incoming and outgoing material we make sure that even material from different batches can be mixed for the same project.

DOBEL® is freedom in design
That is almost an understatement in this context. The number of laminates accessable to the market is nearly countless and you can even get a design exclusively of your own for a special purpose.
With the possibility to choose thickness of the Aluminum base for different properties you can make the product as strong and light as needed. All this together, makes Film Laminated Aluminum an excellent choice for train interior design.

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