When strength matters


Metal Binder is an adhesive making it possible to bond materials like Rubber and Plastics to metal surfaces. In an industrialized process the adhesive is applied to sheet metal providing excellent adhesive properties. The adhesive properties in the binder are activated by heating to temperatures between 100 and 130 C° before coating or molding rubber or plastics onto the metal.


Any piece of shaped sheet metal being molded onto or coated by either plastic or rubber most likely needs some kind of adhesives to secure durability and overall performance. Parts with sound or vibration reducing properties and especially moving parts covered with rubber or plastics have a need for metal binders to secure long term adhesion. These binders are often applied by either spray painting (robotics or hand) or in many cases coated by dipping. Both processes are labour intensive and require expensive equipment. High levels of production waste and environmental issues also make these processes very costly.


The Metal Binder is instead applied in Metalcolour’s efficient coil coating process. Products and specifications are carefully selected together with our clients based on desired outcome and properties of the end product. Properties are controlled by the right choice of material, but also the parameters and control of the application process is imperative in obtaining a consistently high quality result. All relevant material and production data are monitored and documented in our quality program.Some advantages our clients has highlighted from working with Metalcolour are:

• Improved and more uniform quality

• Lower production cost

• Faster lead times

• Improved work environment and over all lower labour costs

• Less investment and maintenance of machines and equipment


Metalcolour is developing a growing number of Metal Binder solutions for the automotive industry. Metal Binder solutions are used substantially for applications where anti vibration and noise properties are desired. Our product is used for axample in some of the most vital parts in high performance vehicles.


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