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Anti-friction coating is used in applications exposed to extremely harsh environments where component surfaces need to be able to move together without having to be lubricated.


For many applications with highly stressed sliding areas or metal-to-metal moving parts, traditional lubrication is not an option. These may include:

• Metal/metal combinations with slow to moderately fast movements and moderate to high loads

• Highly stressed sliding areas with low sliding speeds, oscillating movements or intermittent operations

• High temperatures and where oils and greases cannot be used

• Cylinder head gaskets and exhaust manifold gaskets of combustion engines

This coating is often applied by either spray painting (robotics or hand) or in many cases coated by dipping. Both processes are labour intensive and require expensive equipment. Environmental issues also make this a costly part of any manufacturing process involving the above application methods.


The Anti-friction coating is applied in Metalcolour’s efficient coil coating process. Products and specifications are carefully selected together with our clients, based on desired outcome and properties of the end product. Properties are controlled by the right choice of material, but also control of the application process is imperative in obtaining a consistently high quality result. All relevant material and production data are monitored and documented in our quality program.


• Outstanding anti-friction properties

• High compressive strength

• High temperature resistance

• Resistant to oils, greases and solvent

• Avoidance of freting corrosion

• High abrasion resistance

Some advantages our clients have highlighted from working with Metalcolour are:

• Improved and more uniform quality

• Lower production cost

• Faster lead times

• Improved work environment and over all lower labour costs

• Less investment and maintenance of machines and equipment

Anti-friction coatings applied by Metalcolour Technical Coating is used to produce gaskets and springs predominantly for the automobile industry.


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