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DOBEL® Antiphon is a laminated sheet metal with decorative foil on one or both sides. It has superior structure-borne sound damping properties and can be used for a wide range of applications. The material has a sandwich construction and is currently primarily used in the automotive and offshore industries, as well as in other industrial and customer products like doors and various types of machinery. The principle behind DOBEL® Antiphon is as simple as it is ingenious, consisting of two metal sheets that enclose a viscoelastic polymeric inner layer. The inner layer and sheet metal quality is chosen on the basis of the requirements regarding acoustics, workability and strength for the application in question. DOBEL® Antiphon provides superior sound damping effects in relation to volume and weight and is ideal for use in situations where stringent demands are placed on both design and function.


Acoustics and the reduction of unwanted sound is often one of the most challenging aspects of building interiors for public areas, vehicles, ships, trains, etc. On many occasions there is only limited space available, and the challenge is to achieve highly effective sound damping and soundproofing characteristics without having to use bulky, space-consuming materials and solutions.


Modern technology makes it possible to minimise the occurrence of unwanted sound, and powerful tools are now available for the measurement and analysis of sounds and vibrations in order to be able to dampen sound sources and predict the effects of sound reduction measures. DOBEL® Antiphon is a laminated sheet metal with a wide range of foils from which to choose. This makes it possible to use the material for design purposes in relation to visible surfaces where sound damping is desirable and where stringent demands are placed on visual expression and function. The product is available with both galvanised sheet metal and aluminium as the base material. It can be delivered with various types of inner layer in order to provide different properties in response to different needs. DOBEL® Antiphon is in most respects processed and treated as normal homogeneous sheet metal. With the right tools and techniques it can be bent, shaped, trimmed and cut to suit a variety of areas of use.


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