Foil Samples

Below you’ll find digital samples of the standard assortment of DOBEL® foils. Our standard collection comes with a  guarantee of short delivery times, as well as our very high level of Service and Delivery conditions for orders down to 10 sqm.

We look forward to be serving you and will be happy to provide any information needed.


The best Guarantee the market can offer

Metalcolour has been an innovative partner in creating new improved product solutions and manufacturing processes since 1973. As a market leading supplier we are the only company to offer a specific and committed Quality and Service Guarantee. However, due to the embossing of the surface of DOBEL® 1411, 1412 and 1413, the gloss level is not measurable and therefore is the gloss tolerance part of the guarantee excluded for these foils.

Read more about our generous guarantee conditions for the DOBEL® products.


Horizontal Pattern

Please note that four of our foils, No 1030, 1022, 1020 and 1024 have horizontal patterns.



Please note that that the appearance of our digital foil samples is depending on which viewing device you’re using. Please contact us and we´ll be happy to send you live samples.