Dobel Superior

Dobel Superior

Metalcolour can now offer an unprecedented combination of sheet metal and design fabrics. Never before has it been possible to source textile laminated sheet steel in large scale production.
The challenge

Very often designers will look for material that will add an athmosphere to a room or a certain feeling when looking at, or touching a surface. In trains you will find wall sections and back side of chairs being covered with textiles. In public areas sound proofing elements, either wall mounted or as space deviders are made of textile covered elements. Most of these applications are today made by hand i.e. glue is sprayed or rolled onto surfaces and then textiles are applied. A process very costly and time consuming, but also very limited in volume, making it difficult to get economy of scale, consistent quality and required fire rating.

Metalcolour solutions and advantages

The launch of the Dobel Superior brand is made possible by the unique lamination process developed by Metalcolour. Cooperating with market leading suppliers of textiles, Metalcolour can offer a full range of textile surfaces on sheet metal. This unique product line is for the first time allowing designers to be creative in form and function, when designing public areas requiring large scale material usage. With the introduction of Dobel Superior and Metalolour’s capability to supply perforated metal as base, a world of opportunities are created when it comes to acoustic solutions.

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