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World News: Metalcolours new product DOBEL® Antiphon is a laminated sheet metal with superior structure-borne sound damping properties and laminated with decorative foils on one or both sides.

It is suitable for a wide range of applications and is currently primarily used in the automotive and offshore industries, as well as in other industrial and customer products like doors and various types of machinery.

Acoustics and the reduction of unwanted sound is often one of the most challenging aspects of building interiors for public areas, vehicles, ships, trains, etc. The principle behind DOBEL®  Antiphon is as simple as it is ingenious, consisting of two metal sheets that enclose a viscoelastic polymeric inner layer. The inner layer and sheet metal quality is chosen on the basis of the  requirements regarding acoustics, workability and strength for the application in question.

Please learn more about DOBEL® Antiphon here.