Colour makes the difference


Metalcolour Painted offers all the colours of the world; on one of the most flexible production lines in the world. This means that you can get exactly the colour, in the tone and gloss, that you want.
Our experience and flexible production makes our facility well equipped to meet stringent requirements and compliant with the latest statutory environmental requirements.


Companies rely on their suppliers to understand their customers markets better than they do, providing solutions bringing value to the process and the final result. Therefore uncomplicated dialog to translate demands and expectations into cost effective solutions is a must.
In an ever changing world, it is essential to have access to a wide span of material in variable quantities, ready available with short lead times and still maintaining a consistent quality.


Our food safe paint systems are approved to be in non direct food contact. The material can be delivered in almost every colour and gloss.
Our paint system is approved by IMO to be used in ship buildings. Fire classified paint are used for ceilings, sandwich panels and doors where there is no demands of patterns in the surface.
Both Metalcolour indoor and outdoor systems are costum made. It means that you decide if the system has to be smooth or having a structured surface, as well as colour and gloss grade. You send us a sample and we match a colour 100% matching your demands.

Some advantages our clients has highlighted from working with Metalcolour are:
  • Improved and more uniform quality
  • Lower production cost
  • Faster lead times
  • Improved work environment and over all lower labour costs
  • Less investment and maintenance of machines and equipment

Contact us for further information or for a trial order to see for your self.

Please download the Metalcolour Painted Product Sheet for more info.