High ceilings at low cost


DOBEL® Ocean Sky is a fire classified, decorative and foil laminated sheet steel especially developed for ceiling panels. The good properties of DOBEL® Ocean Sky in combination with its low price, makes it a very profitable alternative to traditional painted ceiling panels.


A metal ceiling solution offer more than ordinary ceilings truly enabling Form to Follow Function, by combining functions such as acoustics, fire safety, hygiene, climate control and lighting in a beautiful and environmentally friendly design. Metal ceilings provide a wide range of integration possibilities making it possible to accommodate the need for comfort in the room while staying true to the intended appearance of architects and designers. Needless to say the choice of surface on a ceiling has tremendous effect on how the ceiling will perform and well being of the people using the space in a work environment or other public spaces. How light is reflected and sound is absorbed will have a decisive impact on the perception of any space.
In production of any metal ceiling there are a lot of processes where the surface can be damaged and surface damages are common when mounting metal ceilings. Replacing damaged ceiling panels causes delays in production and mounting resulting in unplanned and
undesired cost.


Metalcolour DOBEL® Ocean Sky has all the features to ensure a good result during production and mounting, The surfaces available with DOBEL® Ocean Sky guarantees that the impression of any room or space where the material is being used will be improved. DOBEL Ocean Sky can be specified with different colours and light reflectance properties and also various solutions in perforation are available to create or add acoustic solutions. Metalcolour DOBEL® Ocean Sky comes with a heat applied protective film, that doesn’t leave any residues on the surface and does not need to be removed until after mounting, keeping your ceiling in perfect condition throughout the whole process.

DOBEL® Ocean Sky advantages:
  • Fire classified
  • Scratch resistant
  • Heat applied protective film
  • Economical – reducing damages during production, transport and mounting
  • Easy to shape and process
  • Easy to clean
  • Endless expressions
  • Excellent light reflectivity

One of Europe’s leading ship yards calculated that they could save up to 15% on materials cost, reducing the amount of scrapped material due to damages, by switching from lacquered surfaces to DOBEL® Ocean Sky.


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