A Perfect Match


Metalcolour can now offer an unprecedented combination of sheet metal and design foils. Never before has it been possible to source laminated sheet steel in large scale production, guaranteeing a perfect match.


When taking an idea from design to reality there is a lot of stages and considerations to be made.
Designers will focus primarily on choice of colours, surface textures and expressions. At a later stage Construction will focus on choice of material based on Suitability (strength and durability), Environmental issues and Cost.
When building a house uniformity in colours and surface expressions is a challenge because a number of material will be combined and expected to have same appearance.
As an example Windows made of PVC or Aluminum next to doors and garage doors made of Sheet Metal are expected to look 100% alike in colour, gloss and texture, but are all manufactured in different processes.


The Metalcolour unique production process makes it possible to use the same foils for sheet metal as for profile lamination ensuring that there will be no difference in colour, gloss or structure in the surface. DOBEL® products are delivered with a service and quality guarantee.
Cooperating with market leading suppliers of foils, Metalcolour can offer an unparalleled range of surfaces on sheet metal. This unique product line is for the first time allowing designers to be creative in form and function, without restrictions related to combination of different materials and their production processes.
In Short “A Perfect Match – Guaranteed”.


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Please download the Dobel® F105 Film Laminated Metal for more info.