Safety First


Film laminated aluminium – decorative interior material in a lasting durable and lightweight design. The combination of metal properties, in terms of strength and shapeability, DOBEL® F 105 gives a versatile interior material with outstanding economical benefits.


Laminated sheet metal is used in a lot of applications in our daily lives. Wall panels and ceilings in buildings, ships and trains are some structural applications for which the DOBEL® material is being used.
Design feature No 1 for these applications is guaranteeing the safety of human lives. This is done by choosing material which has certified ability to reduce spreading of fire and structural strength to withstand physical impact.
Common for all applications is that durability and surface design in colour and structure as well as shape ability are crucial factors for the success and perceived value of the end product.
Wear and tear is the key factor when choosing laminated metal as component material. In the production stage, the metal will be handled, bent and cut into its final shape and form. A process that requires material and surfaces to cope with high degree of mechanical wear and tear.
Once products and surfaces are put into use by end users, surfaces needs to maintain their appearances for many years while exposed to the environment (UV light and temperature), mechanical wear from use and often aggressive cleaning detergents when cleaning the surfaces.


“Safety First” – is highest priority and therefore the DOBEL® F 105 series of material is tested and complies with highest standards in fire safety. Not only in fire safety is Metalcolour through the DOBEL® brand continually pushing the standard to higher levels. By introducing the heat applied non stick protective foil the Metalcolour laminated surfaces are securely protected from damages during production and handling. Once the end product is finalized the protective foil can be removed easily leaving the surface clean, ready to use with no glue residues on the surface.
Given the extremely high expectancy for wear and tear resistance, the printed DOBEL® products by Metalcolour are all supplied with an added anti scratch and chemical detergent resistant protection layer.
Metalcolour has developed a unique lamination process which makes it possible to control the lamination process in a new and innovative way. This innovation makes it possible to broaden the number of materials we can laminate to metal, but as importantly gloss and colour can be controlled to very narrow tolerances.
Metalcolour is as market leading supplier the only company to offer a specific and committed Quality and Service Guarantee.


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