Design, Form and Function


Since 1973 Metalcolour has been highly committed to and focused on delivering value to clients in defined segments. Metalcolour’s size and production set up, makes it possible to offer a superior service and we are setting a market standard for fast delivery, by employing a flexible and 100% customer focused production and service approach.
Utilizing our resources in our specialized production and working with carefully selected co-producers, we are able to provide innovative solutions that reduce cost and create value to our clients. All details in our production line, raw materials and logistical services are carefully monitored in order to ensure the highest quality in products and services.
Metalcolour has a strong European presence, now strengthened by Metalcolour Asia with its production line and office in Singapore.


Design, form and function in an industrialized and economical way. Metal properties (strength and shapeability) together with design properties in laminates gives a versatile material applicable to many areas of use. Common for all applications is that durability and surface design, form and function are crucial factors for the success and perceived value of the end product.
For the DOBEL® Brand we work with leading suppliers to constantly improve our offer of an unparalleled selection of materials and surfaces, in colours and textures.


The economies of scale in our production lines, combined with our solutions for logistics and planning are the main factors to bring down cost per unit.
Metalcolour has more than 45 years of experience in coating of sheet metal and can offer valuable input in designing new solutions and processes for your company.
Our large scale production facilities enable possibilities of industrialization of otherwise costly and more manual labor intensive stages of production, leading to significant reductions in overall costs.

  • Consistent quality
  • Industrialisation
  • Cost cutting
  • Allowing for new technologies

Our production units are geared for small and large batches giving high flexibility and fast reaction times for changes and rush orders.


Laminated metal offers the possibility for design, form and function in an industrialised and economical way.
The combination of metal properties (strength and shape ability) together with design properties in laminates gives a versatile material applicable to many areas of use.
Imagine a product so strong that it can be bent, stretched, stressed and used for years without any loss of performance or looks.
Through the DOBEL® brand Metalcolour is continually pushing the standard to higher levels. By using the non stick protective foil as a standard, the Metalcolour laminated surfaces are securely protected from damages during production and handling. Once the end product is finalized the protective foil can be removed easily leaving the surface clean, ready to use with no glue residues on the surface.
Given the extremely high expectancy for wear and tear resistance, the DOBEL® products by Metalcolour are all supplied with an added anti scratch and chemical detergent resistant protection layer.
Metalcolour has developed a unique lamination process which makes it possible to control the lamination process in a new and innovative way. This innovation makes it possible to broaden the number of materials we can laminate to metal, but as importantly gloss and colour can be controlled to very narrow tolerances.


Metalcolour Painted offers all the colours of the world; on one of the most flexible production lines in the world. This means that you can get exactly the colour, in the tone and gloss, that you want.
Our experience and flexible production makes our facility well equipped to meet stringent requirements and compliant with the latest statutory environmental requirements.
Our food safe paint systems are approved to be in non direct food contact. The material can be delivered in almost every colour and gloss.
Our paint system is approved by IMO to be used in ship buildings. Fire classified paint are used for ceilings, sandwich panels and doors where there is no demands of patterns in the surface.
Both Metalcolour indoor and outdoor systems are custom made. It means that you decide if the system has to be smooth or having a structured surface, as well as colour and gloss grade. You send us a sample and we match a colour 100% matching your demands.

Please download the Decorative Coating Folder for more info.