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coil coating

Metalcolour produces the widest range of coil coating consisting of film-laminated aluminum and sheet steel available on the market. We offer coil coating in hundreds of colours and patterns and we produce pre-painted steel and aluminum in a very flexible way, where both small and large quantities are available.

Coil coating for indoors as well as outdoors: practical, functional, discreet, durable and cost-effective. All our materials for coil coating blend seamlessly into a variety of modern environments and transport facilities, due to the wide freedom of choice.

Irrespective of what look or which properties you are looking for in your coil coating, you can be sure of one constant when you order coil coating from Metalcolour and that is the quality. All the metal is distinguished by very well defined and consistent mechanical properties. Metalcolour coated steel therefore always has a consistently good formability and can be worked using the methods normally employed in industry for pressing, bending, cutting or punching. Being an independent and conscious producer, all of our substrates for coil coating are bought from suppliers who can live up to our high demands for quality.

About coil coating

Coil coating is also known as pre-painted metal, since the material is painted prior to production. The process of painting or coating is an effective method to ensure that the surface of the metal is well-suited to meet the requirements. Metalcolour uses the newest technologies. This guarantees that our coil coating is of the highest quality. Furthermore, the application process uses a consistent and even distribution of the coating material. The coil coating offers protection to the metal and the possibility to paint the metal with various colours of your choice. We produce large coated coils that are distributed for further processing in the industry. Metalcolour offers innovative and customized solutions within technical and decorative coating.

We make investments in technology

We invest in new technology and robots to improve our production line and reduce waste to promote sustainability. We constantly put an extra effort to improve all the processes starting from supplier to internal processes and to our final customers.

Industry expertise

Metalcolour has extensive experience and expertise within different industries such as the marine sector, transportation sector and construction sector. The high standard of our deliverables is widely recognized within these industries.

Cost efficient solutions

Our large-scale production facilities minimize the manual processes and reduces cost per unit. Furthermore, our production equipment is geared for large series production as well as small quantities. We are flexible and reliable when it comes to changes and can rapidly adjust when you place an urgent order.

Excellent and quick service

Our organization is flexible and can provide valuable input as well as valuable solutions. Metalcolour has developed innovative foils and laminated materials as well as customized solutions and highly specialized coating processes for more than four decades. We would be pleased to help you achieve future success by supplying you with high-quality products, offer industry-leading delivery times and a quality guarantee.

Get an offer on coil coating

Do you want an offer on coil coating but are unsure who to contact? Please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to let the right co-worker at Metalcolour contact you.

Our dedicated employees will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you find out which of our products and services that match your requirements and helps your business to be more competitive.

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