Metalcolour Denmark

Metalcolour A/S is located in Nykøbing, a harbor town in southern Denmark. Here we specialize in producing pre-painted steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

The production is carried out in our highly versatile production plant in Nykøbing F, Denmark, where we have accumulated more than 40 years of experience regarding painting of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Over these many years we have developed our skills and production facilities in cooperation with our customers and according to the new demands in the market. Today, we are setting the standard. Metalcolour is probably one of the most flexible producer of pre-painted steel and aluminum. We have achieved this position by meeting customers’ demands for quality, flexibility, innovation and reliability of supply. Our production knowhow range from ordinary polyester painting to highly specialized surfaces whit many different functions such as heat resistance, self lubricating, semi-cured glue and many other possibilities.

Metalcolour Denmark A/S employs approximately 30 people


1974 Metalcolour A/S is founded.
1989 The Finnish steel concern, Rautaruukki OY, buys Metalcolour A/S.
1997 Metalcolour A/S is once again in Danish hands when AT Holding achieves a shareholding majority.
2009 Metalcolour A/S acquires the Swedish company SSAB Laminated Steel, which is renamed Metalcolour Sverige AB.


Metalcolour Sweden

Metalcolour Sverige AB is located in Ronneby, a coastal town in south-eastern Sweden. Here we specialize in producing film-laminated sheet steel and aluminium.

A lot has happened in our company since its start in 1975. The product range has grown and production rate has increased. We have now two lamination lines, one for coil-coating and one for cut sheet-lamination. The production is extremely flexible and we accept orders as low as 10 sq. metres per item. We have developed completely new products, deepened our skill level and found new customers in more and more markets. The main product is Dobel, a fire-classified film-laminated sheet steel primarily used in the marine sector but which is also suitable for many other applications. We also produce material for use in the food safe industry, for outdoor applications and for any other industrial application. Today, we export 75% of our film laminated sheet metal.

Metalcolour Sverige AB employs approximately 30 people.


1973 Kockums Jernverk AB has a facility for the production of paint-clad sheet steel in Kallinge/Ronneby. During this year, the facility is purchased by Stora Kopparberg Domnarvet and is tied to the company’s operations in Borlänge.
1974 The first lamination with fire-classified film for the marine sector is done in the conveyor paint line in Borlänge.
1975 Stora Kopparberg Domnarvet invests in a lamination line for pre-cut sheet in Ronneby.
1978 SSAB Swedish Steel is formed by three Swedish steel mills, including Stora Kopparberg Domnarvet.
1989 This independent subsidiary Dobel Lamin AB is formed.
1990 SSAB Swedish Steel invests in a roll laminating line in Ronneby.
1992 Dobel Lamin is dissolved. Production becomes part of SSAB Tunnplåt AB.
2003 SSAB Laminated Steel AB is formed – a wholly owned subsidiary of SSAB Tunnplåt AB.
2009 SSAB Laminated Steel AB is sold to Metalcolour A/S and renamed Metalcolour Sverige AB.


Metalcolour Asia

Metalcolour Asia Pte Ltd is located in Singapore, the business centre of South East Asia. Here we specialize in producing film-laminated sheet steel and aluminium.

This is a young company that started its production at the beginning of 2014 as a joint venture with Yan San Metals of Singapore (www.yansanmetals.com). The knowledge and expertise is however based on the more than 100 years of accumulated experience of Metalcolour’s manufacturing facilities in Sweden and Denmark and Yan San Metal’s expertise in local manufacturing including coil-coating and aluminium honey-comb panels. In our state of the art lamination process located at the premises of Yan San Metals, we produce film laminated sheet steel and aluminium. Our production process gives us endless possibilities of laminating different kind of films, paper or textiles onto the various metal substrates. The world renowned product Dobel, a fire classified film-laminated sheet metal primarily used in the marine sector, will be the corner stone of the product range. We also produce material to be used in the production of indoor ceilings and wall panels, safety doors, cabinets, casings and other industrial applications. Material for outdoor applications and for use in the food safe industry is also available.