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Metalcolour is a company with a high degree of technical expertise, a high level of service and a creative climate with room for good ideas and fresh thinking.

Our employees are our greatest asset. Without strong teamwork and committed employees, we would have never been successful and would have never achieved the market position we hold today.

We are now expanding our winning concept. Our goal is to strengthen our positive development and drive our positions even farther forward. With a winning team like ours, anything is possible.


Metalcolour is a genuine knowledge company – in order to be happy working for us, you need to like challenges and problem-solving. In addition, you must also be experienced, creative, committed and a true team player, precisely like our other employees.

Metalcolour has a strong team that drives development forward. It is also the team that, together, has built our success.

Solving problems and searching for constant improvements is very demanding. Sometimes it means several hundred hours of work, many meetings and tests. At the same time, there is great satisfaction when the work provides results, when we have solved a problem for the customer or we have contributed to a successful product development. With us, it is always a team victory.


Metalcolour operates in an international market, providing good opportunities to conduct exciting studies and projects.

What you study plays a minor role – material technology, economics or international marketing. What is important is that the co-operation has positive benefits for all those involved.

Our organization is efficient and relatively flat. When you conduct a study with us, no one will tell you what to do or how to do it. We will, however, do our best to support you.


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