High Quality and Good Design

We are proud that Metalcolour is a brand that many associate with high quality and good design. This means that we are doing the right things and we are doing them well.

Laminating and pre-painting sheet steel and aluminium requires both craftsmanship and patience. It is not an exact science, but rather a technical process greatly based on experience. Metalcolour has worked with different types of surface treatments since 1974. This means we have had almost 40 years to gather both experience and knowledge. This is obvious when you look at the results.

But knowledge is not static, so we are continually expanding our knowledge. One way is by maintaining close contact with the market and associated industries. These contacts generate ideas, which in turn lead to improved methods and new products, colours and patterns. We currently offer over one-hundred colours and patterns right from the warehouse. Hundreds more are available as special orders. This gives us one of the widest ranges on the market.


Metalcolour stands for flexibility, innovation and high quality – three values that permeate our work while also being the secret to our success.

Flexibility can be handling an impossible assignment against all odds or handling the enquiries and situations that seem unreasonable at first. Our success is greatly based on a flexible organization and loyal employees. If we need to add a shift to be able to handle a delivery, we do just that.

Innovation is the power and desire that continually drives us forward and the energy that makes us desire and dare a little more. To us, innovation is both thinking fresh and thinking smart – How can we improve an existing product? How can we use a known technique in a new, creative way? How can two techniques be combined?

High quality is not a product benefit. It is an absolute must – for our raw material, each step of the production process and for the end result.


Please download our Visual Identity Guidelines for proper use of our brand and assets, our logos, content and trademarks. A complete set of logos can be downloaded here.